barbarian poems, 2011

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Barbarian Poems, 2011
temporized triple projection of 260 slides, 35 mm film negatives,
variable duration and dimensions
installation view: Barbarian Poems, Galleria Umberto di Marino, Napoli
photos: Danilo Donzelli

book version of the work by Atlas Projectos and Kunsthalle Lissabon
read book on scribd

Barbarian poems is a text shaped as a poem around the idea of violence, may it be literal, systemic, cultural.
For the installation variant of the work a set of 260 images in negative 35 mm film were compiled in 3 sets. Being A) archeological objects from moments from cultural confrontation as oceanic art after the arrival of the European, Hellenistic art from Asia; B) text with the poems; C) images from the press related to the Riots in London collected while the poems where being written. The displacement of meaning provoked by the reworking of historical, literary and artistic episodes finds a homogeneous synthesis in the second work Notes for an history of violence, in which gold pigment is hurled at a black triangular sculpture, as an wordless continuation of the poems.