the vertical stage, 2010

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The Vertical Stage, 2010
text, lambda prints on aluminum,temporized slide projection set of 12 collages from “die olympische Spiele 1968” + manipulated laser prints form Antonin Artaud’s “The Theater and its double” and Homer’s “The Iliad”, veneered wood, aluminum, glass, enamel on glass, xerox copies, dimensions and duration variable, installation view: The Vertical Stage, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
photograph: David Brandt
book by Atlas Projectos

The Vertical Stage offers a way of (re)reading events that took place in Mexico City – both the murder of demonstrators by the Bataillon Olimpia in October 1968 which became known as the “Night of Tlatelolco”, and the Olympic Summer Games that took place according to plan shortly afterwards. A different narrative is assembled by combining documentary material of the Olympic Games with chosen fragments from Homer’s “The Iliad” and Antonin Artaud’s “Theatre of Cruelty”. This movement leads attention away from the historic reporting to the human aspect; to the exemplary role of the individual in the collective process of history. Thus, the Olympic Games are interpreted in the sense of a collective, symbolic but unconscious act of performance: an historical “re-enactment”, a drama, acting out a specific event for a coded and eminently symbolic stage format. The Vertical Stage encompasses texts, a series of collages, a sculpture and a slide projection. This work goes around the idea of the invisibility and inevitability of social performances, as history finds it’s way into peoples lives and bodies. But also of systems of alternation in visibility: coded / uncoded; sage/ street; symbolic/ real.

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