the western frieze (gatherings)

DSC_2906 DSC_2896 DSC_2892

The western Frieze (gatherings), 2016
16:9 HD Digital animation, b/w, sound
Drums by Quim Albergaria
installation view: Sunrise, García Galeria, Madrid
photo: Roberto Ruiz
watch video on vimeo
The video The Western Freeze (gatherings) is based on a digital collage of all the surviving fragments of the western frieze of the Parthenon in Athens. These fragments scattered between different museums are brought back to life by a process of digital animation allowing the residents of Athens to gather and parade together again. The cinematic traveling through the frieze is confronted by drummer Quim Albergaria. Recorded unrehearsed and in one take to respond to the moving image, the drummer’s body dialogues with the cold dead stones of the frieze.

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